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"Mary Queen of Scots" [2.0 Collection] Short Sleeve

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Collection: Short Sleeve Shirt

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Mary Queen of Scots Short Sleeve Shirt - Artwork by Anton Brzezinski

Our quality shirts are the newest and best Because the dyes are burned into the fabric and combined with them permanently making the shirt virtually impossible to fade and the colors our going to be vibrant for many years to come whereas the other processes cannot compare to this.. One of the most beneficial things of die sublimation is that the dies or evaporated so quickly into the fabric that there is very little bleeding and changing coloration so that the shirt looks almost identical to the actual artwork itself and that is why we chose it to represent our artist since we feel he’s the best we want to use the best techniques available as well as the best polyester fibers which are bought in sheets And no less than 95% of the fabric is anything but the finest polyester you can buy and must be for the image to adhere to the fabric. We buy the materials and all of our shirts is made from polyester and we burn the actual art image itself into the flat piece of fabric where it is then cut out individually and then soon bye a person making each shirt different than the next. Even though the same image is on the shirt that doesn’t mean the placement will be the same since each individual that sews the complete short putting it together May have cut the fabric a little differently than the next individual off-center in the work and making the shirt unique in itself rather than us just buying an already shown polyester fiber shirt mixed with some other fabric as all the rest of ours is the finest material we have the most stunning and beautiful active wear around And such endless amounts and all different styles so we could continue for years to come giving everyone the best product we can making it with the best materials with the best imagery I feel available.

Our shirts are made with a minimum of 95% polyester.Mary is a very common name in Scotland and of course she has orange and red streaks representing her hair. Then we have an individual in a row boat directly in front of Mary and appears to be circling her and this person is completely Green and the head is a clock. I find this extremely interesting when Anton told me this was a representation of the time running out between Ireland and Scotland.  Mary, who is representative of Scotland thinks time is running out between both countries due to the impending conflict between Protestants and Catholics. The man in the upper right corner represents the idea of what Anton believes many of the men look like that have passed throughout this conflict and is on his way to a higher place.
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