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Who is Anton Brzezinski?


Anton Brzezinski is a Polish-American painter. Though he considers himself primarily a Surrealist, as you'll see in our products, he has also worked in other styles throughout his career -- especially Cubisms. Anton is the premiere surrealist painter of this era. He is recognized throughout the world as one of the most important talents discovered in the last century. He had a slow beginning in the late 1970's when he spent several years studying in Europe's great museums of modern art, such as Braitman's two million dollar steel-and-glass gallery on Droogbak straat in Amsterdam offers pieces by Picasso and other early 20th century masters, along with the best in contemporary Dutch modern art.

Anton's name became known throughout the European art community as a sought out artist with imaginative surreal creations. He traveled and worked in France, Italy, England, Holland and Greece. Along the way, he expanded his knowledge in traditions and refined his technique.

Brzezinski learned various classical styles and techniques from older artists which he frequently used in his paintings. Visually they are virtuoso performances, with masterly painting techniques combining thinly glazed shadows with thick impastos, using warm reflections unseen since the Renaissance.

During the 1990s, Anton completed several commissions for Forrest Ackerman, renowned expert on classic horror, science fiction, and fantasy movies. "Uncle Forry" was well-known among fans of these genre, in part for the massive collection of fright flick props, costumes, and memorabilia on display in his 18-room Los Angeles AckerMansion. Anton's association with Forry allowed him to experiment broadly, for example with different paint and ink formulations. One of Anton's collages of characters played by actor Lon Chaney, Sr. contains some of Chaney's make-up in the ink, to great effect. Nicknamed the Man of a Thousand Faces, Chaney was also a master make-up artist known to prepare his own formulations in his kitchen, which he then carried to the movie studio in a large aluminum makeup case. This is mentioned only to forewarn you that there are a few Draculas, Vampirellas and even a Frank R. Paul tribute in the Anton Exhibit, in case you frighten easily.

In Europe, his magnificent creations were sold to a fortunate few. After returning to the United States, he finally settled in New Orleans, Louisiana.