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About Us

Constantino artworks was recently created by myself, Stephen Kosti, to provide consumers with the most appealing and unique products available. I wanted to have items which we use everyday stand out, look amazing, and make it worth buying. I was able to do this by signing an agreement and contracts with the artist I felt is the best and could do this. His images needed to be colorful, unique, and thought-provoking way way above any other artists I've seen. After many years collecting art I was able to find the perfect artist, Anton Brzezinski. Anton's artworks stood Way Beyond anyone else's I had seen so now I knew who was going to be the person who's images were going to make my products look amazing but I wasn't certain how I was going to be able to get such complex images onto different materials. I also needed these images to be exactly like the painting itself. I wanted the image clear, bright, crisp, without any deviation from the original, a replica of the original image. After a lot of research the only way this could be done was with the new cutting-edge process called Dye sublimation or more recently and more correctly called dye diffusion.


This is the process of transferring different colored ink that are in a solid state on to a surface using heat and turning it into a vapor with minimal liquification. This must be done at extremely high temperatures and is the newest cutting-edge technology in printing and image transfer. This process was the only one which made any sense for us to use because it guarantees a precise and almost the exact replica of the original image wanting to be transferred onto that specific surface. This was extremely important for us for many reasons.


First, and most importantly, we are transferring artwork done by one of the greatest surrealists of our time and we wanted them to be exact or close as possible to the original Masterwork itself. Anton's amazing and beautiful works needed to be presented as crisp and clear as possible without the colors blending and bleeding which occurs so often with other traditional printing methods. Anton's gifted use of bright colors side by side in most of his amazing artwork needed to be kept separate. Since Anton had trusted me by giving me exclusive right to use any and all of his artworks created in any business venture I saw as being profitable  and advantageous for him  and The Business I had to find the best  process available . Anton had never trusted anyone like this before and had even giving me copyright ownership on several amazing pieces. Since I now have thousands of images from the best surrealist of our time and no one else could use them without breaking  many laws  and  being taken to court I had a clear-cut vision and idea of what I was going to do. I simply was going to take the most amazing, colorful, and creative artwork from one of the greatest artist I've ever seen and put them on specific desired products people want and use.


My belief is that I can enhance any product by using Anton's amazing artwork and making it more colorful and desirable for the consumer. I can do this by replicating the original exactly through the process I described and nobody else legally can do this. The process dye diffusion also guarantees no fading as it becomes part of the material it is burned into. This is very important when transferring images and of course that's what my company is about image transformation or sales. Our clothing along with everything else we make is of the best materials. All clothing must be of the finest 100% polyester fiber and is on a large flat sheet rolled when purchased. The image we choose will then be sublimated or diffused into the polyester fibers and becoming part of the fiber itself. This changes the color so everything must be purchased White and sublimated on a flat surface. We do not buy already sewn polyester garment and then sublimate because corners and other areas will not be able to be sublimated because of the folds and seams in the product already made.


Once we have completely burned are dye into the flat 100% polyester fiber and the image is perfect crisp and clear from end-to-end it looks like a canvas. The image transfer is done and will never fade no matter how many times you wash it. Then that image is cut into the proper pieces needing to make the piece of apparel it is being used for. Then we have to sew those pieces together to make the final product. Because each piece is done through a Cut & Sew process none are exact and every piece of apparel differs from one another. This guarantees a finer quality product and you know your product is unique and not mass-produced. In the end, your shirt, is in my opinion the best product around in it's specific category. you have a shirt made of the finest material, with an image only we can produce from the best artist of our time,. That image will never fade because it has become bonded with the fiber and will look new years down the road. Your shirt is unique even from others with the same image because our Cut & Sew process. I also know it will bring attention because of the beauty or uniqueness of the image we put on it.


This is what separates us apart from all our competition and is the exact idea we use when making any of our products. Every product is completed from start to finish using the best materials, processes, images, and everything else available.